Friday, July 11, 2008

would you come and take me away?

one time, there was this boy, who came to earth when his mother gave birth to him. he was small and he cried when he saw this world. what would he know, he's just a baby. so naive and innocent.. and his father smiled brilliantly at his face and gave him a name.. after everything had ended, his parents brought him home and let him sleep on his cradle. and everyday his mother would rock his cradle and sing to him his name. 

one particular day, he asked his father, my beloved father, who am i? and his father whispered his name to him..

as days past him by, he grew like the trees would grow everyday. taller and taller, day by day. like the astute tree, he stood tall to this world and learn the ways of this world. and as he grew, he met a lot of creatures similar to him. the creature could talk, walk, sleep and even eat. so, he befriended the creature and became good friends.

one day, one of his friend asked him, who are you? and he told them what his father told him, no more and no less. they too just nodded and told him their names too. and each of them called everyone by their name everyday.

there is still something left.. the answer his father gave him was not clear. the answer that his father gave didnt satisfy him. in his thoughts, the question he gave didnt satisfy him. even after receiving the perfect answer, there is still something left. he still didnt knew who he was..

and he said, my father gave me a name, and my friends call me by that name. his mother too. everyone. .

he said in his heart, i am not my name, i am something else..

and so he came to his father's lap and said:

                                              oh my beloved father..
                                                       what am i?

i am just a name. without my name, there is no me. there is just someone else. i am just a thought. without my thought, there will be nothing here. i am just a consciousness. without my consciousness, there will only be my body, staying still. i am just an imagination. without my imagination, i wouldnt exist.

who are you? can you tell me who am i?

gimme ur thoughts. comments are very appreciated.

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