Friday, July 11, 2008

example by lead

nahmaduhu wanusalli a'la rasulillahil karim, amma ba'd..

Rasulullah (may peace be upon him) and his companion (may them be blessed) lead a wonderful life. a life of mediocrity. Rasulullah (p.b.u.h.) in all his life as a prophet and leader of the muslims has never owned vast riches, let alone mammoth houses, coins of gold and even a decent meal. Rasulullah would eat a small loaf of bread twice of thrice a week. in all his (p.b.u.h.) life, the muslim leader had led a very mediocre life and the good thing is that he (p.b.u.h.) taught us that this is the way of life that we muslims should lead.

once, Umar Al Khattab (may he be in God's eternal blessing), when he was in charge of leadership after the death of Abu Bakar As-Siddiq (may he be in God's eternal blessing), was visited by a friend. seeing that Umar is living in a rundown house with inadequate equipment, clothing and food, his friend said to him:

oo Umar (may he be in God's eternal blessing), you are the leader of the Islamic people, and you have all the power in you hands, why dont you build at least a decent house and live in it?

hearing what his friend said, Umar replied with the greatest reply of all.. and Umar said:

do you think that every muslim can own a decent house?
and his friend said no. and Umar (may he be in God's eternal blessing) continued,
and that is why i shall live how they are living their lives..

do you know why Umar refused to live in a bigger house? it is because he knew that not every muslim can own let alone buy even a decent house and in fact there are some of them who do not even own a house (Abu Hurairah (may he be in God's eternal blessing)). to him (with his vast experience and first hand lesson with Rasulullah (p.b.u.h.)) a leader (we are talking about the leader of all the muslims) does not deserve anything better that what his people have. and my friend, that is what Rasulullah taught us..

what do our leaders practice nowadays?

they live in mansions, own big cars, eat the best meals, play the best game, swimming in their pool of money..

while a lot of his people are working their ass of just to feed their children (not including them),
while a lot of his people are living in rundown houses (even under the bridges),
while a lot of his people can just afford to eat rice with a pinch of salt.
while a lot of his people are suffering because they cant afford to receive medical care.

may God Almighty forgive me..