Thursday, December 11, 2008

old stuff i found

*i found this draft while editing my old posts. it was made around 2 years ago. its incomplete but here it is*

"musuh dalam selimut" - "enemies in the blanket"
"duri dalam daging" - "thorns in our flesh"
"api dalam sekam" - "ember in a haystack"

there is a conspiracy upon us. there is a conspiracy upon us, the persecuted muslims. let me be frank, we are always the ones being bashed around for being barbaric. we are always the ones being toyed aroung for being medieval. we are GUARANTEED to always be the ones to be blamed for crimes we did not commit. and so we are here. living peacefully. are we?

we may be living peacefully, but our siblings are not. our siblings in russia, india, america, palestine. they are not so lucky like us.

and the most ironic thing is that we can sit here happily, only thinking about ourselves, thinking about our studies, our jobs, our family, our money. its funny isnt it? it is very funny and the most funniest part is that we dont even care about them.

we dont blame us. after all, we were programmed to be like this. to not care. to NEVER care. who cares if they died? we know we dont. and dont we forget to mention, we were also programmed to be like this. to obidiently obey the system that has been forged by someone who we dont even know and with our life, we put our trust in him. we thought we dont even care, but then why follow him?

there is a conspiracy upon us. yes, a conspiracy to paralyze us muslims. havent we forget? there are 1.8billion of us and still we are being pushed around? the jews are only 14.8million and they are killing everyone else. what kind of mathematics is that? thats FOOLS maths!

there is a conspiracy upon us my comrades. we have been deceived from birth. our forefathers have been deceived. all of us. we are FORCED to sit through school for 6 years and then through high school for another 6 years and then we are FORCED to undergo another 4 - 5 years of so called higher education program. and end up with a PIECE OF PAPER?. and do you know in the end we will also be forced to BEG for a job? what kind of maths is that?

and towards the end, we will be FORCED to slave for a piece of paper called money. everyday, everyweek, every month, every year, forever. we have stopped believing in the Almighty to be our sustainer but will faithfully believe that money is our God. money is our sustainer. money is our happiness.

we are being fooled upon comrades. as our brothers die in vain because of an evil that we dont even care to abolish, then one day the Almighty will ask us the same question:
"As your brothers die in vain, what did you do to repay the evildoers?.

and here comes the funniest part of this story, with our mouths shut, our hands and legs will cry:

"we were busy working for ourselves, we were busy goldmining for money, we were busy studying for ourselves, we were busy enjoying our holiday, we were busy my Lord.

and the Almighty will ask again:

"Didnt you even gave a seconds thought for they pain and suffering?

and our hands and legs will cry again:

"No my Lord. we didnt even cared. we didnt have anytime to care"

can u see now com...