Friday, July 11, 2008

one random thing

hey everybody. (not that i do not know that no one is reading my blog..hohoho). but seriously, im goin to tell everybody that in the spirit of today (which is just an ordinary day), i would like to extend my thanks to everyone whom has called me a friend. i am very grateful that we have become friends and i very much enjoyed your company all these years. i know that for a fact i am not a perfect person nor i am a very senseful person but in my heart i hope that my presence among all of u have been worthwhile. and i thank you again for just accepting me as a friend whom you do not know from where i came.

i would like to apologize to for everything that i have caused (loss of feeling, sadness, loss of money, loss of sanity) and i hope it will never happen again. i truly do in my heart, love each and everyone of you like my own self. and i can assure u that u guys have done the same for me during our times together.

well, should i see you again soon, well done me. should i not, pity me.


sincerest apologies,

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