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SOMEONE: hello.
SOMEONE ELSE: hello too.
SOMEONE: nice shirt!
SOMEONE ELSE: hey, thanx. shall we go? im hungry.
SOMEONE: yeah yeah, i'll get the car. wouldnt want you to wait.
SOMEONE: you look pretty you know.
SOMEONE ELSE: aw shucks. you're prettier!
SOMEONE: no. you!
SOMEONE ELSE: no, you!

Humans, with their complex mechanics of emotions are really simple creatures. we were born, and throughout our existence we eat, sleep, move, have sex, give birth and eventually die at the end. its just clockwork. a clockwork that not many realizes. however, the bigger question lies in the origin of our existence.

where do we come from?

according to the Holy Quran, man was made out of clay, years after the creation of the earth and its elements, angels and devils.

according to the Bible, man was made "from God's own image".

the question remains still, who is this man and to be more precised, what is he? lets take a deep dive down the small hole that no one travels. we will first discuss the creation:

man (and woman) is a creation containing two unique parts. one is physical and the other metaphysical. one part is crystal clear; it is the physical and material matter occupying space, known as the body. This form of matter has size, shape, and dimensions and can be experienced empirically. The other part of the human being is harder to understand since it has no shape, size, or dimensions and cannot be experienced by empirical knowledge, it is the mind.

through this mind, exist a world in which we and only we live. so, to put it, in each person's mind, there is another universe. an entirely different universe. so, two person can see the same universe because the eyes see what the eyes wants to see and the mind manifests what the mind wants to manifest. practically, the world for, lets say, Joe is a world that only joe understand. when joe sees a leaf falling from a tree, joe must be thinking it is fall. but for, lets say, jane, it is a whole different meaning. that is why our emotions are very mechanically complex. it is theoretically impossible to learn the true exact meaning of the emotion. but fortunately for us, we are all about patterns. (will not be discussed here)

now comes the harder part. two unique parts but wrought by whom? lets delve much more into the abyss: for me and 1.5 billion other muslims and 1.3 other christians, we are the seed of Adam and Eve. of course atheist would detest this and quickly preach you on the theory of natural selection BUT recently, a research (i saw it on discovery channel) found out that EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD HAS SOME STRAINS IN THEIR DNA HELIX THAT IS SIMILAR. which, in plain english means we were born from the same parent. now, this is where we diverge. for the usual atheist, they would never want to admit this and continue on with their natural selection theory. but for us, the journey is still on.

now, unto our parents: Adam (may God's blessing be on him) and Eve (may God's blessing be on her). i will not deny that we have very limited data except for the fact that we know, Eve (humankind's mother) is made out of Adam's rib which he ripped because he was feeling lonely. so, why would men of this age have the same amount of ribs as woman? the answer is simple: because Adam ripped only one rib off, his genetic scheme didnt change. the ripping of the cage could be considered the same as having our hands ripped of during a freak accident. and even is this person had a son, the son will have two hands as opposed to one because it is already in his genetic scheme.

the question still remains, what are we?


lets take a look at what Allah SWT said:

I am nearer to you than the veins on your eyes

1. do you know why Allah SWT said "the veins on your eyes"? it is a metaphore because for a human to know how near an entity is to him, he calculates the distance that he can see separating him and the entity. and so by saying "the veins of your eyes", Allah SWT is simply trying to say I AM VERY NEAR.
2. lets take a look at one of Allah SWT characteristic: omnipresent. omnipresent is defined as "being everywhere".

lets combine both 1 and 2. in human words: ALLAH SWT is EVERYWHERE and IS VERY VERY NEAR TO US. Us here is defined as every human being in this world. if i am an atheist, i would say that im just hearing nonsense. but our journey does not end here. deeper we go into the rabbit hole.

NOW lets take a look at one of ALLAH SWT 25 attributes which is: WUJUD (present). WUJUD is defined as "being there, existing, exist". and for our information, we know that we humans can never have the same attributes as ALLAH SWT. which leaves us into the final question:

do we exist?

as i have elaborated earlier, we humans can never have the same attributes as ALLAH SWT and surprisingly one of the mentioned attribute is WUJUD (existing). and so, by leaning to normal constraints, lets say that we DO NOT EXIST. and so, if we dont, then the bigger question is WHERE ARE WE? and WHAT ARE WE? lets take a lookback:

I am nearer to you than the veins on your eyes

Allah Almighty is omnipresent.

Allah Almighty is the only present entity

now, this is where things get complicated. if we do not exist, why do we have this CONSCIOUSNESS. emotions and all. why do we feel like we are we. now i am going to hypothize (please mind my still shallow knowledge on the subject of metaphysical states). what i will say, shall not affect anything. if you do now want to listen to my hypothesis, please stop reading.

without futher ado, i reached an agreeable answer that satisfies my curiousity that is:

WE HUMANS ARE JUST THE FRAGMENTS OF OUR CREATORS MIND. just think of us as a daydream or some sort of thinking, like we used to do. if our CREATOR ever stops thinking/daydreaming about us, we shall cease to exist.

i kno that this is very very absurd but i must point out that in actuality, everything in this world, angels, Adam and Eve and devils, all of them were created out of nothingness. in plain english, before, there was nothing and Allah Almighty had created (read "kuun fayakuun") everything out of nothingness into absoluteness.

In the Quran, i will read out the sura Al Ikhlas:


ALLAHUSSAMAD (ALLAH is the god that everything depends on)
LAM YALID WALAM YUULAD (He does not beget, nor he is begotten)
WA LAM YAQULLAHU KUFUWAN AHAD (and there is nothing that is equal with Him)

and there is also the chant "LAA ILAHA ILLALLAH" (There is no other god excepts ALLAH). some wise men (ulama') says that the true meaning of this chant is "THERE IS NOTHING, THERE IS ONLY ALLAH".

who are we?

SOMEONE: you liked you cheeseburger?
SOMEONE ELSE: of course! im so hungry i could eat a horse!
SOMEONE: heheh. then eat up fatso!
SOMEONE ELSE: im not fat! im just big boned.
SOMEONE: really?
SOMEONE: you are!
SOMEONE: am not!

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