Friday, July 11, 2008


forgive my use of profanity on the title. i just wanted it to look smarty, and serious and maybe a little bit exciting. but as always, when i talk, flowers die. hell, even if i start to open my mouth, cats die. hahaha. thats the truth people. and now, i feel like talking. hear ye! hear ye!

who are we? who are you? who am i?

try asking the same questions to yourself and answer it for me. a human you say? an individual you say? homosapiens you say? a living creature you say? now, what say me? i say, i am you, and you are me.

whoa whoa! slow down! dont get this wrong. im not saying the homosexual guy/girl that you see everyday is you. im not saying that those mafia/gengster/terorrist/mob society is you. hell, im not even saying <insert what would you like to hear here>. there, save me the comments and let me speak.

what say i? i say, i am you, and you are me. and why is that, because our essence is the same. and why is that? well folks, tough luck. you gotta do your own research here. i did, and still havent finished yet. but i did found some answers. will i tell you? no. and why is that? because, what i know, will not be the same as what you know. but, if you like, i'll tell you though. all you need to do is ask me. hahahaha. satisfied? no? i dont care. im done writing. bye bye.

ok2. im just kidding. its not finished yet. but really, this is the end. thank you for reading *or were you just happen to end up here out of coincidence* my blog. the truth is out there myselves (means all of you). the truth is out there.

28th of june
0219, +8gmt.
send my regards to your parents and if you are free, pray for us (everyone in this world needs it, including me)..

forgive me if im wrong. im not always right. thanks again for reading..

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