Friday, July 11, 2008

a long way from everything

theres something in this mind that searches for the reason. the reason of existence. existence of the rampant, mindless and destructive human being. and the bad news is that i am one.

do you understand why we exist? good answer, i do not too. there are millions of logical answers in this world that can point out that it is a whole lot better for humans not to exist, yet there is none that support the theory that we exist for the better.

  1. sure, we are intelligent and we can create things, but we only do it because we are burdened. because we need it. point number 1, selfish.

  2. yes, we reserve the forest, and rehabilitate animals, give them shelter and show pity to them, only after we have ravaged their home so that we could live. point number 2, guilt.

  3. yes, we use and innovate the earth's resources so that it can turn out to be better things for us to use, yet we destroy the earth just to get the source. point number 3, greed.

  4. we produce things in our factory and innovate every year so that we can sell to the needy, but at the highest price. point number 4, greed.

  5. we are so adept at making new things from the earth and we invent new recipes and eat for ourselves but we couldn't even care for our own kind that needs more than we do. point number 5, gluttony.

  6. we research everything and we improvise from our business skills even to mysticology, yet all for the purpose of defeating our rival. point number 6, hatred.

i will stop here because if i go on, i would kill myself. i always thought that we are mindless just because we grow. we mature. we have things of our own to do that we no longer care for our fellow kind. we have riches to collect that we forget who we are. we have no time to spare that we neglect even our own kind until they suffer from war, famine and death.

i never want to believe that we, as the superior sorry. as the only race that can use our heads to think can spawn such cruelty that even the earth despise us. look around you. am i right? am i right when i say even mother earth despise us?

i used to remember, when we were kids, we would love everything that we saw. in our hearts, there is not a single thought of hatred, greed, gluttony and selfishness. all we know is selflessness.

maybe its not a bad thing not to grow up.

maybe theres still hope for the world.

or maybe im just speaking of the impossible.

help me believe.

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