Saturday, July 12, 2008

cold and alone

until when can we stop fighting?
until when can we stop arguing?
until when can we start loving?
until when can we start living?

i am cold,
i am tired,
i am sick of humans.
you humans, fucking egomaniacs.
you humans, fucking psychopaths.
you humans, fucking murderers.

didnt you know you are the greediest bastard God has ever created?
didnt you know that the animals themselves loathe at you?
didnt you even know that you are nothing?

you lie, with your stupid politics.
you cheat, with your stupid tongue.
you steal, with your dirty words.
just to get what that is not yours?
don't you have any shame?

why do you think that u are so superior?
because of your luxury cars?
because of your fucking mansion?
because of your beautiful wife?
because of your filthy fuck money?

you humans makes me confuse.
you humans make the animals confuse.
you sickfuck thrashed the forests.
you sickfuck pollute the skies.
and its you SICKFUCK that destroys the earth.
and you still want to act superior?
and you still claim this is your land?
and you still want to claim power for a fucking nation?

when will you humans learn?
when will you humans know?
when will you humans realize?
that you are just but a tiny sand in a huge desert?
that you are just but a fragment of imagination?
and you still think you are the masters of the world.

i hate you.
i hate you with all my strength,
and i wish to kill you.
because of you, everyone else suffers.
because of you, i suffer.
and because of you, everyone dies.

i am cold.
i am alone.
but this time i am not scared.
because you will never know who you are.
but we,
we will always know what kind of animal are you.
we will always know what kind of suffering u have brought to us.
and we will always know when we will kill you.

you humans, you always forget.
you will never learn.
and because of that, just we wait.
when the time comes,
when all of your power is nothing but sands.
when all of your money is nothing but dusts.
when all of your houses is nothing but leaves.

and yes, we will be there too.
to watch and enjoy,
watching you suffer for ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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