Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a slap on the face (to wake me up)

1400 years ago, Allah decreed that Muhammad SAW is given to mankind as a gift. rahmatan lil a'lamin. and through gabriel did Allah gave us muslims orders to be practiced. and when all the orders are completed, Allah decreed that Muhammad SAW is taken back to Him, at the age 63. it was a sign. a sign that this is the last straw. Muhammad SAW was the last line of prophets and his ummah is the last line of ummah. from hereafter, it was the end. there is no more future. only the end. and Muhammad SAW was sent to prepare his ummah for the end.

therefore, after the taking over of Muhammad SAW, towards the end, there will be no prophet. and the job of Muhammad SAW was entrusted with his ummah. and so, a few of them took this job on their shoulders. it looked easy but it was the hardest to execute. it is easier to arrive on time to see a movie at a theater than to do this job, as some would say.

the job was just going door to door of our brothers and invite him to engage in the obeying of Allah's will. and by Allah's will, those who heed the call, will come and engage in the congegration of prayers (usually isya'). all powerful Allah gives to those He wants.

but then, after working, we were led to believe that this job is done only to invite people in the congegration of prayer. as in, to make the mosque full of people.

and then Ramadhan came.

it was a blow, a devastating blow to some because during Ramadhan, the mosque were full! and that led some of us to believe that the job is done. Allah has finally granted rest during Ramadhan.


the truth is far from that. It was a huge, big slap in the face to us that Allah is almighty, allpowerful and HE DOES NOT NEED ANYONE TO DO HIS WILL. His will is absolute. by just saying "kun", Allah could fill the mosque. and better yet, it was a sign that Allah does not need anyone to invite muslims to prayer. DOES NOT NEED ANYONE to walk and meet his brothers, telling him to come.

and that was the wake up call.

that the job entrusted on us was not to invite. it was an order. an unexcusable order. just an order that must be seen through by all muslims. just like how Muhammad SAW was made to do the same job. to meet his brothers and invite him to engage in the obeying of Allah's will.

what does that teach us?

that the job that was entrusted in us is not for those who we meet. IT WAS FOR US AND IT WAS AN ORDER THAT ALLAH WANTS US TO FULFILL. if we will it to see our brothers to come and engage in the congegration of prayers, Allah DOES NOT NEED us. Allah just need to give the month of Ramadhan and virtually every mosques will be full, everywhere in the world.

think again. be honest in evrything we do. and never stop doing it. just like Muhammad SAW did. until the day he died.