Sunday, March 22, 2009

are u with us or are u against us?

do you remember when we used to do this? boycotting the mother of all tyrants? do you still remember how we were back then? the passion and the will to save everyone? but now, what has happened? just because the war had stopped, it is ok to consume/finance what we agreed to boycott before? or we just dont care at all actually? it was all fake back then?

dont stop the boycott. our brothers/sisters needs your support and not for only 1 or 2 months. REMEMBER! it is not the war that we are stopping, it is the one that we are financing are to be stopped.

we heard a lot of skeptics saying this and that (we know who you are and you cant hide from us) but hey, lemme sum it up for you:

if eating/buying/financing Israeli-based or any other Israeli-financing products is LEGAL, than me and you, we ain't done nothing wrong.


if eating/buying/financing Israeli-based or any other Israeli-financing products is indeed ILLEGAL, than you, WE WILL SEE YOU FUCKING ROT/BURN/SUFFER IN HELL.

its you who made your choice. we've made mine and never looked back.

Monday, March 16, 2009

your God, my God, their God

"dear God" is probably the most said phrase in someone's life.
from trying to score in an exam to trying to score a girl, you can bet "dear God" to be ever present.
of course, until I get what I wanted, the "dear God" will be alhamdulillah and after a few hours, "so long God".

its very fucking funny how I like to call for God.

and its very fucking funny too how at the same time, I dont believe in God.

when I pray, "dear God, please help me do this do that whatever bla bla bla".
but after that I worry like fuck.
whats the point of praying if I worry?
at first I call for God and then I worry that God can't help us?
what's my stance with God?
"i believe in You but i dont think You can help me so much".
is that it?
i'm better off worrying than to call for God.

and then if what I prayed eventually happened, I'd say alhamdulillah or nothing at all.
but if what I prayed doesnt happen?
hoho. fuck me too sir.

thats me. plain me.

the life of a student

haha. im sorry but you have been duped.
how many years have u spent ur life in schools?
17? 18? 20 years? thats without your masters.
how long will it take?
to become the best in the world?
whilst someone who cant afford to be in ur place spends almost all of his/her life in poverty?
you've been duped man.
you know there is something wrong with this world when a certain amount of number and an alphabet determines our future.
you've been duped.