Friday, July 11, 2008

a cup of rice

i love my mother. i really do. and i love my father. very much too.

do you know that we came to this world just from a wish?
without that wish, there will never be us.
without that wish, we are just nothingness.
have u ever thought of it?

when our parents took their eternal vows, they wished.
they wished that we can come and be with them.
they wished that we would see them for the rest of their lives.
they wished that we could be like them or even better than them and be their son.
because of this wish, we were born.

for something to be born from a wish, is the same as being born from nothingness.
but because they wished so hard and prayed so long, and so we were given as presents to them.
we are just mere presents.

and what do presents do?
they cheer their receivers.
they liven things for their receivers.
we are just mere presents.

but when we grow, who is the first that we would see alone?
who is the first that we would leave their side?
it is our wishers.
our own parents.
left alone so that we could be with someone else.
left alone so that we could get what our hearts truly desire.
left alone so that we could be happy with what we want.

but humans.
humans always forget.
we forget that we are just wishes.
we are just mere presents.
given unto our wishers so that they may be happy.
so that they may feel alive.
so they can have children of their own.

but what do we gave them for the wish that they made?
what do we let them feel for the wish that they longed for?
what do we make them suffer just because a wish was made in their hearts?
we gave them loneliness.
we gave them helplessness.
we gave them pain.
we gave them suffering.
we gave them everything that they can never give us.
do you see now?

and when one day humans can never forget, they will finally understand.
that we just gave them us.
a wish from the bottom of their heart.
just a wish.

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