Friday, July 11, 2008

cat's luck


this is my cat, sleeping. his name is jinx. jinx is sleeping soundly. he looks very peaceful. i wish can have that peace. i'd die for even a hint of that peace. do you know why jinx is at peace? because jinx doesnt have anything to think about. everytime he comes home, he is fed. if he is sleepy, he'll sleep anywhere in the house. should he accidently dropped a glass full of water on a piece of important paper, he isnt judged. he is forgiven. and everyday in his life, he'll be treated nicely and will even be given a kiss to the head. in fact, nobody in this house can and will do anything to harm jinx!

i have a wish. i wish that someday i could do the same thing i did to jinx to everyone else in this world. if they are needy, we'll share together. if they are hungry, we'll eat together. if they are homeless, we'll live together. if they are burdened, we'll carry it together. if they did something wrong, we'll bear it together.

sometimes its funny that animals get all the good stuff. but humans can and will never treat humans with the same kind of treatment. and i wonder why.

we wished we were you jinx.

we wished we were.

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