Friday, July 11, 2008


1. somewhere in another dimension

hello.. can.. u hear me..
umm.. hey.. (static) not ok. check it (static)
(static) ..hear me now? (more static)
(static) man, its not.. (static) ..kin right! (fuzzy sounds)
(less static) oh hey, its (static) now! (fuzzy sounds)
(static clearing) um hello? can u hear me now?

uh hello. im the architect. you probably dont know me, but i know u. well, thats not so import.. (static) now. whats important is what im goin to tell (static) ..u. as u can see, im the architect. so, i build things. things that move, things that can do everything (static) you name it, i sure can build it (static) today, im goin to build (static) ..umting that is very big and beautiful. and there's a lot of different layers too. (static) im very sure that you will like it so much (static) ut..thats about it though. and im goin to name it (long static) yes.. thats the name.. (static) there's a catch though. one day, and that day will surely (static) ..i'm going to destroy this creation. because i've already created (static) ..better a few days ago (static) ..just to see how those machinimas fare there. oh yeah, i forgot to tell you that im also building machinimas. moving things. (static) ..these machinimas will (static) ..the place. jus for a while though. those machinimas deserve the better one, if they only knew.. (sigh) well, off to work (long static>

(static) (fuzzy sounds)

do you still remember? when i came?
yes, certainly dude.
we had nothing right? so, now we are going back, can i bring along my stuff?
oh, you cant dude. thats not yours.
well, ive had it since i was here.
but it was given right? they said nothing else, just personal belongings.
oh yeah. thanks man. dont have much, but i'll be fine.
me too dude. me too..

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