Friday, July 11, 2008

6 sided dice

in this life, we can never expect anything. because nothing is expecting us. in this life, everything is decided, but not by us. in this life, we are faced with choices, but it means nothing because we can only take one path and not turn back. life is like a 6 sided dice, being rolled and the outcome is decided unto us. do you believe in me?

in today's world, everybody can be a good student, and achieve well in their academics, but he/she can never decide if he/she is to fail miserably or pass with distinctions. everybody can work their ass off but can never decide if he/she will be promoted. everybody can open a restaurant but nobody can guarantee that the restaurant will succeed. everybody can have sex but nobody can guarantee that they will get a child out of it. do you believe in me?

lets do some math:

situation 1

aldrahn, a manager of a big factory, is very wealthy. he came from a very wealthy family and received excellent education. he currently have a salary of 50k per month and owns a lot of houses, real estate and cars. he is married to a beutiful wife and has a son.

samoth, a janitor in a big superstore, is a so-so earner. he came from a not so wealthy family and didnt receive good education. he currently earns 800 per month and is renting a house with his mediocre wife. they have a son.

2 of these people are ordinary people and are only separayed by their jobs, wealth and wife. now, i will ask you:

which of these two will be rich in the next 5 or 6 years?
whose son will flourish into the archetypal son? whose wife will die first?
who will die of cancer after 6 years?
whose house will be infested by termites tomorrow?
who will lose a hand 2 weeks later?
who will become pregnant 6 weeks later?

situation 2:

miranda, 17 year old is pregnant is labouring today. she has been in the hospital because she is expected to labour her child anytime soon.

ihriel, 26 year old is pregnant and is at home. she is also 9 months pregnant but the doctors said she will deliver anytime next week.


who will give birth to a handicapped child?
who will deliver first?
who will die delivering?

situation 3:

ihsahn, a 26 year old person with tuberculosis is lying on his bed in a certain hospital. he is treated with X medicine, Y medicine and Z medicine. he is currently suffering from tb since 3 years ago.

trym, a 26 year old persion with tuberculosis is lying on his bed in the same hospital as ihsahn. he is treated with the same medicine ihsahn is given. he has suffered tb for 3 years now.

simple question:

who will live after 3 years?

now, for a fact that we know humans have patterns can decide the outcome of anything theoretically. i repeat, THEORETICALLY. a person that is given the same amount of treatment can heal after 3 years. a person who work his ass off can be rich no matter what. a person who has sex can get pregnant. a person who is from good looking parents can be good looking too. a person who eats too much can get fat. do you know why they used the word "can"? because it can happen, but i can also wont happen at all. when a person says "i can", it is not absoluteness. it is not a certainty.

now, who does all the job? who will decide all the whatifs? who will roll the dice?

in actuality, there is no dice. there is only one written path. do you know why someone achieved success because she studies hard? it is because she was meant to have that path. do you know what someone who didnt study at all did not drop out from college? it is because he was meant to have that path. actually, there is no path at all.

to explain in simple english, here's how:

someone who passed her exams with distinction said, i studied very hard for this. in actuality, she did not study hard. she was give the way to success by having herself given the way of study. it was all predetermined. even when i am blogging. it is what i am supposed to do. because everything has a purpose. nothing in this world can exist without having a purpose.

and thus comes the question that everyone like to say. this world is not fair. God is unfair and stuff like that.

well, im kinda sleepy to carry on.. ill continue this tomorrow, InsyaAllah..

good nite to whomever is reading this.. and thank you, i appreciate it a lot..

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