Friday, July 11, 2008

estranged alone brings wisdom

its been a long time since ive blogged. but i thought the time came again yesterday night and here i am blogging again my mindless and useless throries of nothingness. but hey, its my f*****g blog and why should i care what u think.. ist that right? wrong! let me give u an example:

in this world, there is no right or wrong. dont agree wif me? why should i bother? to me its right but to you its wrong. then how come one suggesstion sums up into two views? should right and wrong be considered one only? there is only right and wrong.. boy, how brainwashed are you.. stop watching those damned televisions already!!! turn it off. save your brain! u dont want to be mind controlled servants dont u?

personally, from what ive gathered, in this world, there are only views. perspectives if i may say. perspectives from people. for an example, if i stole some bread from a grocery shop, then there are two views:

1. police officers: its dead wrong and we ought to detain him. and maybe frighten him up a bit so we could get some "extra" cash! (u bastards who does this really deserves a big F**K! i mean, come on, the government put trust into you and you misuse it. really, a big F**K you to those who misuse their power over the minority) <- im referring to the act of bribing.

2. thieves: hey, stealing is normal to us. why should you bother when that guy steals? its our way of life. and we ought to get back on those police officers that misused their power over us! viva la raza! sangre o libertad!

now, correct me if im wrong, what do you think now? agree with me? dont worry, i dont need you to agree with me anyway. hey, its my point! why should u care? im just ranting away on my blog, disposing off useless ideas.

now, take the above situation and make it that the person that stole the bread is very hungry and hasnt eaten for about a week (make it a month for increased damnation!). now tell me, is it a crime for that guy to steal? lemme guess, ur views are now somewhat distorted, between pity and righteousness. dead on ur tracks? cat got ur tongue? now u know why i say that the world only has views. there are no right and wrong. only "if i perceive it as right, then its right" and "if i perceive it as wrong, then its wrong". agree yet? bah! u dont have to. this is just my disillusioned my pouring out to fill the empty gap during my life..

now, anyone who reads this, tell me: IS THERE ANY RIGHT OR WRONG?

fill in ur answers and i'll blog its next episode.

thanx fer visiting. have a nice day!

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