Friday, July 11, 2008

6 sided dice (part deux)

from our previous chapter:

"and thus comes the question that everyone like to say. this world is not fair. God is unfair and stuff like that."

well, in truth, people who say that are actually not well versed in reality, theologically and logically. and why do i say that. apparently those people have not been paying attention, AT ALL, either to the pattern of the world, their daily challenges or God's word. let's divulge further.

REALITY: in reality, life is not about fair. fair and life have nothing in common or do they have any relations at all. fair, in terms of actual life (like in sports, game etc) is 2 people or more, getting the same gear/items/boon while playing/competing. please emphasize the word same. now, unversally, what i have said earlier can be accepted as an analogy of what is fairness. but in reality, life is never fair. some are born rich, and some are born poor. some are born plain idiots and some are born intelligent. some are born pretty and some are born ugly. and so, where does fair fit in? none at all. because fair is not a part of life.

THEOLOGICALLY: in the words of God, He whom is all Powerful has stressed enough that this world is juat a big field. and God stressed that this world is created not to be enjoyed nor harvest. in the words of God, this is just a short stop before going home and God almighty is testing us with what that has been given to us. frankly, God does not want us to become all-good person whom if he stepped on an ant, the ant will not die. God just wants to see, how far can a human will go to obey God. God does not need you to be good. in fact, He does not need anything at all. so, just consider living is a bonus.

LOGICALLY: logically speaking, life can never be fair because its variables is set. variables that is set can only have one set of outcome. refer to "probability" and "human behavioral science". if all the variables that can be set, then we can have a fair set of probability. imagine 2 person who posess same variables. the outcome is simply braindead, they both will have the same set of probability. even so, if u wanted to look even further, the variables in human life patterns are simply too many to be conted. from "mood" to status of relationship" to family background to economic status. imagine how would you count the outcome? the example i gave was just to determine the outcome of a boy that is going to date a girl. imagine counting the probability of someone to get unto a train in thailand going to cambodia?

i could go on with all the gritty details but i think those three is enough to convince me that life is not fair at all. i have realized that life is not something to be enjoyed and that life is just a fatal disease. not only does it kills, it also intoxicates.

look at all the poor people who is willing to whore/assasinate/murder just to earn some invaluable paper that people call money? or are they trying to explain to us the value of life? easily bought by money? and do you see all the rich people who is too filthy rich that they keep all of their vast riches and let the poor rot and die? no even a pity's sake for the sick? i may never know and understand why do they do this and how can they absolve this cancer. but there is one thing that i do know..

is that the only thing that can cure it is the blissful nectar of beautiful DEATH..

the blissful nectar of beautiful DEATH..

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