Friday, March 19, 2010

of intelligence and man

this will be a short post.

hadeeth A from Nabi SAW:

"the most intelligent of all you are the ones that remembers death most"

hadeeth B from Nabi SAW:

"when a human dies, henceforth he will be void of good deeds except for three things. alms and charity, knowledge that is beneficent and good mannered children."

the Q: what does an intelligent human has?
the A: he/she has knowledge that is beneficent.

the Q: what knowledge is beneficent?
the A: knowledge that makes us remember death.

the Q: who is the most intelligent person?
the A: those whom has knowledge that makes him remembers death.

the Q: what knowledge makes us remember death?
the A: religion.


MEDICINE, ENGINEERING, SCIENCE COMPUTER, SCIENCE, AGRICULTURE etc etc is not equal to knowledge that is beneficent.

the only beneficent knowledge is religion.

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