Monday, March 16, 2009

your God, my God, their God

"dear God" is probably the most said phrase in someone's life.
from trying to score in an exam to trying to score a girl, you can bet "dear God" to be ever present.
of course, until I get what I wanted, the "dear God" will be alhamdulillah and after a few hours, "so long God".

its very fucking funny how I like to call for God.

and its very fucking funny too how at the same time, I dont believe in God.

when I pray, "dear God, please help me do this do that whatever bla bla bla".
but after that I worry like fuck.
whats the point of praying if I worry?
at first I call for God and then I worry that God can't help us?
what's my stance with God?
"i believe in You but i dont think You can help me so much".
is that it?
i'm better off worrying than to call for God.

and then if what I prayed eventually happened, I'd say alhamdulillah or nothing at all.
but if what I prayed doesnt happen?
hoho. fuck me too sir.

thats me. plain me.


aiichan said...

i dont think being worry is because we dont trust in god.

yes, we believe in god's choice. whatever happens is in god's will.

but before that, we have to put our own efforts, right?

usaha + tawakal.

guess the worry is more towards the usaha.

if we were to put enuff usaha, we shouldntve felt theres a need to be worry. since what happens next is up to god.

calypso said...

hi, thank you for your comment.. i would love to reply on your comment, but then i thought it would be inappropriate if i replied here. just buzz me anytime and i will reply my answer.. thank you again.